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The main factor in establishing a reputation for a quality product is to continuously test the product to meet the proper standards of strength.  Slight changes in additives, and even weather, can change specifications for a load and change its properties.  The following are two types of testing used to ensure a quality product:

Job-Site Testing is an essential test for specific batches of concrete.  As concrete is perishable, it is important that when the concrete arrives at the job-site it has maintained proper specifications.  Slight adjustments can be made with water and additives if necessary to restore the original specifications.

Lab Testing is necessary to monitor mix designs and ensure that products are consistently meeting specifications.  Our lab is equipped with a wet kiln and compression machine to simulate temperature and test the force to break a specific mix.  Through lab testing, trends for quality and strength can be analyzed by mix design to make slight adjustments and be confident that our mix designs will display our "Beautiful Concrete."

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