Ordering Concrete

Many variables exist in the science of our "Beautiful Concrete". Different applications and conditions call for a variety of mix designs. Planning your job with our sales and dispatch departments will ensure a smooth and successful delivery of the right concrete for your needs:

  • Try to order your concrete delivery at least 24 hours in advance (3 or 4 days for orders of 100+ yards)
  • When calculating how much concrete you will need, add 10% to account for settling or uneven grades
  • If you have a difficult area to access, ask your salesperson to visit the site before ordering
  • Try to let dispatch know the total amount of concrete you will need so that they can plan to have enough mixers available to serve you properly
  • Give dispatch good, complete directions, including a street address if possible
  • If you need to change an order after it has been placed, notify dispatch at least 2 hours before the planned delivery time
  • When giving confirmation on a "will-call" order, call 2 hours before the desired delivery

On the Job-Site

Safety is a must on the job site, and there are some things that you can do to help keep yourself and our driver safe. Here are a few tips to that end:

  • Consider how the mixer will access the area--is there a strong, stable, and level roadway to the location?
  • Help direct the mixer into location by using hand signals: the drivers cannot hear directions over the noise of the mixer.
  • Exercise caution around the mixer. Do not walk or stand under the chutes!
  • Inform dispatch if the mixer will be on site any longer than planned. Extra charges may apply if the mixer is delayed in returning to the plant.
  • Maintain the proper slump! Adding water to the concrete will reduce its strength considerably
  • Have only one person instructing the driver on the job site- Be very careful to inspect the area for overhead wires and branches before backing the mixer in.

Finishing the Concrete

Getting quality concrete to the job site is not the end of the story for a good job. The concrete needs to be placed and finished properly to keep it strong and durable for years to come:

  • Don't add water to the surface of the concrete until it has hardened.
  • Don't finish the concrete until all the surface water is gone.
  • Don't hard trowel exterior flatwork--it will weaken the surface.
  • Add expansion joints in the concrete as required.
  • Apply an approved curing and sealing compound as soon as possible after the concrete has received final finishing (final trowel) additional approved sealing compound to the concrete around the end of November.
  • Refrain from the use of de-icing chemicals (salt or calcium chloride) for the first winter. NEVER use de-icers containing ammonium sulphate or ammonium nitrate.
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