Upon contracting with Roanoke Concrete Professional Services to develop and test your mix design, we can provide the following:

  • Collect appropriate raw material field samples as directed
  • Perform current gradation analysis and material voids test
  • Calculate a concrete mix design for trial batch testing
  • Set time and date to perform a trial batch at your location
  • Just prior to trail batch, perform moisture tests on materials to determine true material batch weights
  • Client will determine initial air entrainment dosage rates, adjustments will be made on the trial batch to achieve target air percentage
  • Perform air test, slump test, and take test cylinders per ACI specifications
  • Next day, collect test cylinder samples, log them into kiln and cure according to specifications
  • Perform strength test breaks at appropriate intervals
  • Record and document necessary test data for submittal to IDOT for mix design approval

Call our office at (309) 698-7882 for pricing details and scheduling.

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